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The Chronicles of ZAPPATiKA ~

ZAPPATiKA play their own compositions with some very strong influences from genius Rock-composer FRANK ZAPPA, the music is versatile, often complex, where possible funny and often very exhilarating! The band has also performed many full-on Frank Zappa Tribute shows playing a wide variety of his material to eager Zappa-heads since 2008.
Formed by former drummer, BATTA-TUTT & vocalist/guitarist ZAP MCiNNES in 2007-2008, the band has gone through various line ups since then, ranging from 5 – 12 players at any given time… for no apparent reason… with some very diverse, but ALL equally talented, players! So much so that ED MANN, former percussionist to Frank Zappa, calls it fondly, “The ZAPPATiKA-CoLLECTiVE”
In 2010 ZAPPATiKA played their first concert with IKE WILLIS (Frank Zappa’s side man guitarist/vocalist from 1978-1988). Since then there have been many, many shows and some really great tours with Ike!

ZAPPATiKA’s  current Touring line-up (anno 2016) ~

Zap - bio photo

Zap Mcinnes
guitar / vocals

Hieronymus - bio photo

synth / percussion / vocals

Joep - bio photo

Yoop with an E

and of course

Mr. Jeff Hollie saxes / vocals

Mr. Jeff Hollie
saxes / vocals

Jeff played on Frank Zappas JOE’S GARAGE album back in 1979 and has been a ‘gigging session man’ ever since. Jeff now resides in Europe and is still a full-time Sax player & extremely cool cat. Jeff is also a life long close friend of Ike Willis, after they met in College days. IKE WILLIS is special guest on most of ZAPPATiKA’s tours and recently featured strongly in the new Studio single “The Pony Suite” (available everywhere since Sept.2015)

Other ex-Frank Zappa musicians ~

Erstwhile contributors & tour buddies are: the Hendrix of the Harp – CRAIG “TWISTER” STEWARD, the awesome slide guitar of MR. DENNY WALLEY and the wonderful percussive tones of MR. ED MANN.
You can catch up with ZAPPATiKA at one of their shows around Europe & the UK, and hear many of the bands own eclectic compositions on one of the many websites like ReverbNation, iTunes, CDBaby and Spotify.

Discography –

ZAPPATiKA currently have two albums, the 2009 The Short but Legendary Flight of the Dodo and the 2014 live album “Live in Liverpool” / with Ike Willis. Both albumsout which are available from most reputable digital outlets
They have released the single TIME!, (2013), and they also did a reworking of Frank Zappa’s “We are not alone” which was released in 2014 and ZAPPATiKA featured on the UK produced Frank Zappa compilation “Rare Nuggets” (Cordelia Records).  ZAPPATiKA have ,so far, appeared on 3 such compilations all released under Cordelia Records (UK).
The video of TIME! was recently nominated for a video award.
The latest single (Sept.2015) was written & orchestrated by Zap Mcinnes & Ike Willis  Entitled  THE PONY SUITE it is available everywhere.
2014 also saw the Just Passin’ Thru Tour with IKE WILLIS & JEFF HOLLIE. The band (with Jeff Hollie)  played support for the Grandmothers of Invention in Nov.2014 and then toured again very successfully with IKE WILLIS & JEFF HOLLIE in March 2015.


Zappanale2015In July 2015 the band performed a Joes Garage Reunion Concert at the 26th Zappanale festival in Germany,with 5 of the original musicians from Frank Zappa’s acclaimed album,”JOES GARAGE”  recorded back in 1979. These 5 musicians are Ike Willis,Ed Mann,Denny Walley ,Jeff Hollie & Craig Steward. The concert was their first ever live performance together of songs from that album. Some of the highlights can be found on the ZAPPATiKA Youtube Channel,amongst other goodies.

Also in the Summer of 2015 original Drummer and founding member Batta-Tutti decided to hang up his drum sticks for a quieter life and was replaced in the Autumn by the new turbo-charged Drummer ,who hails from the land of many great drummers- Italia  ,he is  Diego Mocci.
Zap and Ike in the studioTHE PONY SUITE saw the light of day on September 1st 2015 in a world wide premiere streamed on in a live broadcast from Berlin in Germany. That song maintains a very strong position in the Reverbnation Global Chart and has received ‘alternative airplay’ all over the globe.
A live DVD (recorded in Holland shortly after the “Joe’s Garage Reunion Concert” ) is planned for release in 2016 and ZAPPATiKA will once again hit the road in March with Ike Willis,Jeff Hollie & Twister Steward, for the traditional Spring Tour ,passing this time through Germany, France and the UK
The first major studio project of 2016 is to continue & complete work on Zappatika’s 2nd full studio album of their own material, plus one or two bonus songs and guest artists from the “Zappa Brotherhood”. The album should be released toward the end of 2016.

Zap - bio photoHello, I am Zap Mcinnes and I sing and play guitar in this rocking little combo! Which gives me equal amounts of frustration and joy , so keeping the balance of all things constant. I enjoy spending time with my Harley-Davidson and my guitars. I don’t have a favourite artist as I tend to write more music than I listen to……the ever-growing catalog of unrecorded ZAPPATiKA songs will be a project for the future and I hope we will fit some more of these into our future shows.

I was born a Celt in the UK, but moved to Holland at the end of the 90’s where I met *Battatutti* (our drummer) and we started playing together in about 1999. After various failed line-ups, the third band we formed, with the express intention of playing only our music and Frank Zappa’s, was *ZAPPATiKA* in 2008.

The biggest joys of this band for me are the live shows and also being able to learn so incredibly much from legends like IKE WILLIS and JEFF HOLLIE!

Hieronymus - bio photoIn the band, I have been known under a few different names; Johnny Triangle and Bongo Fury are two of those. Now i use my birth name wich is: Hieronymus.

I joined ZAPPATiKA from the start. I still remember Zap asking me. At the time, I had been playing since 1994 and I was not more than a refined djembe player. I had been teaching for a couple of years and I had played a lot, but being a part of ZAPPATiKA, made me a percussionist. Thanks to ZAPPATiKA, I grew from a little drummer boy to a musician. Frank Zappa’s oeuvre has really evolved me as a musician.

My favorite artist is he (or she) I’m listening to at the moment. More information and pictures to follow soon!

Wonder who I am? When at a concert, look for the bouncing ball with the curly hair. That’s me. If you cant see me you can find me by listening to all the funny, crazy and surprising accents.

Have a good day 😀

Joep - bio photoMy name is Joep and i`m the bassplayer of the group. I picked up that thing when I was 18 years of age , just for the love of the sound it makes .

I`ve been playing in several coverbands over the yaers and still am (Fourbyfour ).

The music i like listening to : Zappa , KIng Crimson , Brand X , Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, Pink Floyd, ELO, Scope, Ziek, Fat Angel, dwjmwdjhb, Metallica, Pearl Jam, RHCP, and so on (notice the order of it).

About 6 years ago my son Ingo , The Kid , joined the band Zappatika. And he did very well. But because of his study and other bussinesses he had to leave Zappatika… leaving a big gap for a bassplayer to fill in.

So that`s where I came in last year august (2013), after 6 moths of practice learning all them notes .Playing the music Frank Zappa wrote with Zappatika is great fun .

Ike - bio photoIke Willis doesn’t need any introduction, or does he? Well, here goes anyway … Ike Willis joined Frank Zappa’s band in 1978 and was his right-hand man for many years. Frank Zappa claimed that this tour (1984) would be the final tour at the time, but in 1988 the legendary musicians were back on stage! Ike Willis plays on over 30 Zappa albums and is particularly well-known for his vocal contributions to the rock opera Joe’s Garage (1979) en and the conceptual musical Thing-Fish (1984). His vocal skills are also prominent on albums such as Tinsel Town Rebellion, You Are What You Is and The Man from Utopia. And let’s not forget that Ike is an excellent guitarist as well! The past few years Ike Willis has toured with several Frank Zappa tribute bands such as ZAPPATiKA, Ossi Duri, Project/Object, Pojama People and Ugly Radio Rebellion.

On July 18th 2015, Ike Willis headlined the 26th annual Zappanale Festival in Bad Doberan and was joined on stage with ZAPPATiKA, Ed Mann, Jeff Hollie, Denny Walley, Craig ‘Twister’ Steward and BIll Carbone (from The Z3).

Ike Willis did his first studio recording in 20 years with ZAPPATiKA – recording The Pony Suite (composed and arranged by Ike Willis and Zap Mcinnes).

Jeff Hollie is probably best-known for his sax playing to the album Joe’s Garage. Jeff has also collaborated with Ike Willis on his album Shoulda Gone Before I Left.

Jeff joined ZAPPATiKA on stage in 2014 (Zoetermeer, Boerderij – Netherlands) and it was the beginning of a new Zappa-era for both ZAPPATiKA and Jeff Hollie.

Jeff played with ZAPPATiKA on January 3rd 2015, joined them on their European Tour in March 2105 and at Zappanale #26.

Jeff Hollie has also played with several Zappa tribute bands, including Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo. During one of the many Zappa events he met with Amsterdam based Zappa tribute band ZAPPATiKA, which turned out to be the start of a great collaboration.

August 28th, 2015 by Fred Händl