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About The Pony Suite

PonyDOWNLOADZap McInnes: “I once wrote an original concept surrounding My Little Pony. The pony is actually representative of the east European prostitutes who end up in the darkness of the red light district in Amsterdam, never to return to the forests of Lithuania and Rumania having been trapped into this lifestyle by manipulative pimps. Now, in our first ever collaboration, Ike Willis and I have orchestrated a completely new work incorporating elements of that original pony concept mixed with some newer ideas and some of Frank Zappa’s lyrics. The music is written and orchestrated by Mr Willis and myself. It is performed by ZAPPATiKA, featuring both Jeff Hollie and Craig Twister Steward. Ike features very strongly of course. The Pony Suite is pompous comedy, it is even operatic in parts but can best be described as prog-jazz-classical-rock. This new recording both evolves the Pony concept to fruition and also introduces some new characters such as the Beastial Boys and the Black Ninja.

January 2nd, 2016 by