The Pony Suite – CD

Pony CD


Order your personal copy of The exclusive ZAPPATiKA and Friends Ritzy 2016 Spring Tour Edition! Only 150 copies left. Don’t procrastinate and order yours today.

Over 25 minutes of music!

  1. The Pony Suite
  2. Eat That Question (live at Zappanale #26)
  3. Crew Slut (live at Zappanale #26)
  4. Filthy Habits (rehearsal outtake)

Featuring: Zap Mcinnes, Ike Willis, Jeff Hollie Craig ‘Twister’ Steward, Battatutti, Yoop with an E, Hieronymus, Fred Händl, Coen Siersma, Deef Den Hartog, Giouli Foteinou, Ed Mann, Denny Walley, Bill Carbone and Diego Mocci

Fred Händl plays the music of Frank Zappa


Now is the time. Get yours today.

Of course you want your copy of Fred Händl plays the music of Frank Zappa – featuring The Giacomo di Lindini Trio. And well you should.

This is an actual (physical) product of my own production, it’s not available through any record company, iTunes, Spotify, Reverbnation, CDBaby or other online channels. The way to go to get a copy, is to simply click the Buy Now PayPal button. Safe and fast.

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March 12th, 2016 by Fred Händl